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Guardian’s Promise’s believes that every child is entitled to and deserves a nurturing, safe and stable environment in order to flourish.  We will support our children and foster families with quality services and dedicated resources that will enable them to achieve their fullest potential.  The foundation of life starts with a strong and loving family.  It is our goal to ensure safety, permanency and the well-being of all children, in partnership with foster families and the community, while promoting hope for their future.



Perseverance and love are the forces that drive us.  Honesty and teamwork overcome any problems.  We know that without these values, it would be hard for us to be successful.  Therefore, we also want to encourage everyone who joins Guardian’s Promise to hold these foundations in their heart. 



Guardian’s Promise strives to educate and motivate new families and foster children to form a cohesive and nurturing relationship together.  Guardian’s Promise works toward building credibility and support for our program by building partnerships with the community.



Guardian’s Promise’s vision is to create indelible memories between foster parents and foster children. 

We hope to inspire, educate and prepare foster parents to form bonds with their foster children and families to reflect positive values that lead to lives with a sure purpose and meaning.


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