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Betsy is truly one of a kind.  The way that she interacts with kids is so incredible to watch.  I get chills and tears well up in my eyes remembering a situation in which she helped my daughter. My daughter was 7 and having a hard time adjusting to school.  She would go into the school crying every morning. Betsy saw her one day and pulled her into her room.  My daughter said, "I just want to cry."  Betsy hugged her tight and said, "oh my goodness!  I love to cry.. we can cry together."  And they did.  Betsy defends those who cannot fight for themselves.  She isn't afraid to stand her ground and do the right thing, even when it is not popular. In addition to her connection with children, Betsy is one of the most sincere, relatable and good-natured people I've met. She's got a light, fun spirit and fills the room with light.  I miss seeing her every day and would welcome the chance to work with her.  – Melissa C, Sugar Land, TX

No one was more enthusiastic than Betsy when we brought our sweet daughter, Madelyn, home. She was not only supportive and encouraging of my husband and I as parents, but she gave special attention to our older daughter, making sure she never felt left out of all the excitement of placement, home visits, etc. Her care and support were invaluable, and we are forever grateful!     –David J., Sugar Land, TX

Although my child never sat in Betsy Neicheril’s class, her hugs of encouragement and high fives in the hallway made a huge impression on my young daughter - and on us as parents. To know someone truly cares about your child is an invaluable gift. Far beyond what’s required, Betsy cares for kids with all her heart. She cares what happens to them, how they learn, what they think and how they feel. She cares who they become, and my daughters will be better adults because Mrs. Neicheril invested in them as children.     - Regina J, Sugar Land, TX

I have known Betsy Neicheril, both personally and socially, for 12 years. She is a kind, warm person, whom I have entrusted my own professional decisions with regarding the education of our youth. Over the years that I have known Betsy, she has been through some challenges, and she always seems to conquer and succeed. She has accomplished this through her ability to stay true to her beliefs, balance family, and earn the respect of many in her professional life. Betsy has a nurturing heart that truly loves children and also does what is best for others. She has always expressed an interest in sharing her compassion for others to make a real difference in the community and lives of others. Betsy is an individual that puts her heart and soul into every endeavor she pursues. I am not only proud to call her my colleague but also my friend!  - Michelle S., Richmond, TX

Betsy Neicheril was my son's second grade teacher. Second grade was an especially challenging year for Logan, as he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. During a difficult transition between classrooms Betsy made sure to make my son feel special. He always knew he was loved in her classroom and could talk to her. Betsy will forever be one of Logan's most influential teachers.      - Sheryl S.   Sugar Land, TX


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